Listen in and sing along with Lucas as he shares some original music from the Circular Rhythm show.


Indigenous performer, Lucas Proudfoot, has just released book 2 & 3 of The Proud Foots book series!

The Proud Foots are three young friends who love to surf, eat and play in a band.

Join Pat the Wombat, Koolaz Koala and Billy Blue-Tongue as they embark on incredible adventures around the world with the help of a mysterious globe and some magic wristbands. From the sandy shores of Foot Stomp Creek to the lava-spitting volcanoes of Hawaii and the cherry-blossom-lined streets of Tokyo, each story is jam-packed with heart-thumping action, crazy characters and hilarious encounters. The lively, lyrical text makes these chapter books perfect for shared reading as well as independent reading, and the fun, dynamic storylines will engage even the most reluctant readers.

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