Listen in and sing along with Lucas as he shares some original music from the Circular Rhythm show.


Indigenous performer, Lucas Proudfoot, has released his first book!

The Proud Foots are three young friends who love to surf and play in a band. Pat the Wombat, Koolaz Koala and Billy Blue-Tongue go on fun-filled adventures to other countries, where they experience different cultures and share their own unique Australian culture with new friends.

In the first book of The Proud Foots series, Pat, Koolaz and Billy start the day in their seaside home of Foot Stomp Creek, surfing with their mates — who just happen to be possums, dolphins and kangaroos! Surfing done, the trio visit Uncle Bruz’s beachside shop to stow their boards. Among the curiosities lining the shelves, Pat stumbles upon a strange and dusty globe, which magically zaps the Proud Foots to the tropical beaches of Hawaii. Once there, they are whisked away on a mad balloon ride, only to drop the mysterious globe into the mouth of an active volcano. How will they make it home without the Magic Globe and what hula troubles lay ahead for them at their first Hawaiian luau?

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